The use of plantation shutters especially at homes or even offices has become increasingly popular in the last decade. The plantation shutters are an elegant window covering made of two or more fixed panels. The louvers within the shutter frame can be moved by a rod attached outside.

Primarily, plantation shutter installation will allow you to control light, privacy, and ventilation. In addition, with technological advancement, many plantation shutters now come with a UV coating in the paint or stain.

This is to protect the color you have chosen, and you also have the feature to angle the louver blades to protect your furniture or interiors from sunlight.

Nowadays, plantation shutter installation turns out to be one of the most common and favorite choices for window treatments as they are versatile, less expensive than custom draperies or curtains, and can increase the value of your home as well.

They are sure to add a new level of style to your home, but they can also offer benefits that reach far beyond just design and style:

  1.  Insulation: Plantation Shutters effectively insulate your home, keeping it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This insulation can reduce air-conditioning and heating costs by up to 20%, so even when the cost of plantation shutters is quite higher, the energy savings are comparatively worth the price tag. 
  2. Privacy without Compromising Light: Unlike roman blinds, curtains, or other drapers that you must completely pull back to allow light through and stripping the room of its privacy, plantation shutters give the best of both. By simply tilting the slats, shutters keep passersby from peering in and still allow a good amount of daylight into the room.
  3. Durable and Built to Last: Unlike other window treatments, plantation shutters are incredibly durable and built to last. In the case of curtains, they may fray, tear, or discolor, and prove fragile over time, but the sturdiness of shutters makes them last for years as you care for them.
  4. Environmentally-friendly: Most of the recently made plantation shutters are made from non-toxic and 100% fully recyclable materials. Hence, this makes you feel good about your new home purchase and is the safest for you and your family.
  5. Low Maintenance: They are known to be one of the easiest window treatments to maintain. The use of dense polymer foam in the shutters prevents it from the crack, warp, shrink, discoloration, or lose tension. In addition, shutters are super simple to clean.

Closing Thought:

Plantation shutters aren’t still among the usual first thoughts that come to mind when shopping for new window furnishings. But if you’re looking for the best window treatments for your home, there are several reasons to consider them. These window coverings are a gorgeous classic design feature that has both practical and aesthetic benefits.

The OZ Plantation Shutters provides the best plantation shutters in Sydney which is made from hardwoods, engineered woods, or PVC. Combining years of experience with the best quality products available on the market, we provide you with unique services unmatched by any other shutter company.



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