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Timber Plantation Shutters Sydney

The Benefits
  • Naturally beautiful. Wood makes plantation shutters naturally beautiful.
  • Countless colour variations. Painted with Australian-made polyurethane paint, that is beautiful and strong.
  • A safer option for you and your family. Timber is reusable, recyclable and best of all, biodegradable. protect your internal furnishings from UV exposure and fading.
  • Durable, lightweight and cheap prices. Timber is stronger than PVC, yet it weighs less. It lasts longer and allows for larger panel sizes – whereas plastic can sag under its weight if the panel size is made too large.
The Downsides
  • It’s just a little pricier than PVC. Timber is typically more expensive than plastic options. At OZ Plantation Shutters, Timber costs $20/squared metre more than PVC, which is highly affordable
  • May need occasional repainting. Like any other painted surface in your home, the painted finish will age over time. Expect to have to repaint your shutters every 10-15 years. OZ Plantation Shutters provides warranty for paint loss or damage for 15 years (conditions vary)
  • No moisture allowed. Under severely moist conditions or high humidity, wood can warp over time.

Cost of Timber Plantation Shutters in Sydney

  • PVC is the least costly option when it comes to installing plantation shutters. However, not all PVC are made equal, and quality can vary widely. If the price is too good to be true, it probably means your shutters are not likely to stand the test of time.


  • Any mild detergent will easily clean your PVC plantation shutters. Simply wipe them down with a damp cloth to keep them shine and clean.
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