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PVC Plantation Shutters Sydney

The Benefits
  • Durability. PVC is very tough and durable. It will hold its colour for the lifetime of the product, and never needs to be repainted or refinished.
  • Less expensive. Plastic is often less costly than wood. If you are on a budget, you may want to look at plastic options.
  • Impervious to moisture. Some areas are more prone to moisture. Plastic is a smart choice if you are concerned about moisture or humidity, as it will not warp in the way wood can under similar conditions.
The Downsides
  • It’s heavy. PVC has a considerable amount of weight in comparison to wood.
  • Discolouration. PVC is an oil-based chemical compound which makes it a very difficult surface for the paint to adhere to. Paint peeling and total delamination is a common problem of products made from PVC that are out in the elements.
  • Toxicity. PVC releases extremely hazardous and carcinogenic dioxins which can affect the health of humans. PVC has also been known to trigger reactions to people with asthma or people who are sensitive to certain chemicals.
  • Shorter life span. Due to the harsh and strong sunlight exposure in Australia, PVC shutters exposed to UV and sunlight will start to break down within only 5 years, As it breaks down, harmful chemicals such as mercury, lead, chlorine and phthalates, are released into the environment.
  • Limited colours. Unlike wood, which can be stained or painted to any colour under the sun, plastics are pre-manufactured in specific shades, leaving you with a set palette to choose from. Typically, plastic shutters are white or off-white. While these are acceptable in most situations, homeowners that want to perfectly match the colour of their shutters to their trim or other furniture will find these options difficult to work with.
  • Limited panel sizes. Once again, because of the weight of the plastic itself, a plastic shutter’s maximum size will be much smaller than a wood shutter. This means you may need more shutter panels to cover a window opening if you decide to go with plastic.

Cost of PVC Plantation Shutters

  • In terms of price, wood is more pricier than PVC.


  • The shutters may need a fresh stain or coat of paint every ten years or so. To keep your shutters well maintained ensure they are free from dust. Wipe them over with mild detergent and water to help keep them clean and look shine. Timber Shutters is prone to warp due to the effects of moisture, so be sure to watch for signs of excess water near the shutters that can affect the wood over time.
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