Tips To Avoid Some Common Mistakes While Choosing Plantation Shutters

Tips To Avoid Some Common Mistakes While Choosing Plantation Shutters

When it comes to window treatment, plantation shutters are a best choice to decorate your home adding functionality and value. With wide-angled slats and louvers, plantation shutters differ from colonial or traditional ones. Plantation shutters stand for energy-efficient window treatment with good privacy guard settings by blocking light and noise as needed. There are some common mistakes to be avoided while choosing plantation shutters for adding lots of benefits to your home decor and to ensure proper installation of plantation shutters. In this blog, we guide you to avoid the mistakes and to get the best one, let us check out.

  1. Checking on price rather than quality:

This is one of the biggest mistakes a home owner makes while choosing plantation shutters. Homeowners must be clear on their thought that they will not get a durable plantation shutters at low cost and it may cost more in the long run as the cheaper ones deteriorate faster than high-quality products. For this reason, OZ Plantation Shutters strongly recommends the home owners in Australia to buy superior quality plantation shutters that will last for longer. Choosing custom-made PVC or high-end timber plantation shutters, is a wise choice on investing on a durable product rather than investing every year. 

  1. Not looking into every option available:

With so many options in materials, finishing, and customization, it is easy for the homeowners to find a right window covering for their home. OZ Plantation shutters recommend the home owners to go through every option like sunlight deflecting property and insulation property in order to save their energy bills by being energy efficient. Always try choosing or customizing plantation shutters to optimize efficiency.

  1. Choosing a wrong provider:

A good time and effort is needed from every home owner who wishes to decorate their home with the right plantation shutters. A well-established brand guarantees better quality, a good reference check with your friends and families in and around Australia can suggest you best brands available in the market. While choosing a provider it is recommended to mind about factors like customer service, on-time delivery and skilled craftsmanship. As it is going to cost money for homeowners, OZ Plantation shutters recommends to go for suppliers like us with Australian-made plantation shutters; more years of experience and warranty and with good testimonials from its customers.

  1. Poor installation:

Homeowners on purchasing the right plantation shutters for their home may end up paying no attention towards installation. It is of no use spending lots of time, effort and money on choosing the right plantation shutters and then not installing it professionally. Poor installation may lead to several problems with changing seasons. For instance, let us consider that a plantation shutter is installed too tightly, the result would be no space is left for expansion and contraction on weather changes which results in cracking. Employing professional workers with more experience in installation can solve this problem.


OZ Plantation Shutters, employing professional workers with over 17 years of experience in installation and production helps you to overcome these common mistakes while choosing plantation shutters in Australia.

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