Plantation Shutters or Blinds – Which is better?

Treating your windows or doors with new equips like Plantation shutters or blinds add a fresh life into your home.  Confused between plantation shutters or blinds? Wondering which addition will suit your home better?

OZ Plantation Shutters, weighed on between Plantation shutters and blinds which might help you to take an ideal choice.

  1. Primary difference:

Structure is the prime discrepancy between a shutter and blind. Plantation shutters is solid and is fixed permanently to the sides of the windows with metal fittings.

Blinds are flexible and fixed at the top of a window hung at the top of window pane with cords and slats.

  1. Material & Design varieties:

Plantation shutters are often traditional, materials used in Plantation Shutters includes PVC, timber and so on. Style, color and material varieties are less in plantation shutters.

On the other hand, blinds have many unique tints, shades and textures casting stylish window panes. The flexibility is excellent in blinds as you can choose a color which matches your carpets.

  1. Worthwhile:

Comparatively, blinds are cheaper compared to plantation shutters online. Even if maintained properly, blinds last typically for 5 years. Meaning, you have to replace the blinds every 5 years for a fresher look. Purchasing blinds? Be prepared to spend periodically.

Whereas, a properly maintained plantation shutters can last up to 50 years. Hinting, purchasing a plantation shutters online is value for money over time and adds up value to your home.

  1. Efficient energy saver:

Study reveals that 30% of heat gain and loss in home is achieved through windows. Treating windows with plantation shutters or blinds to insulate your windows will save your energy.

Saving energy is to use the natural resources in efficient way. How can a blind or plantation shutter save energy?

For example, keeping windows opened on a shiny winter day let in light and heat, making your interiors warm. Opening and closing blinds or shutter is based on a homeowner’s preference. Simple opening or closing shutters or blinds at right time saves your energy usage.

A Plantation shutter offers a sealed effect as they cover up the window frame completely. Being hang from the top of the window, fitted either inside or outside angle, blinds leaves a small gap.

  1. Cleaning & Maintenance:

No matter which window furnishing you choose to decor your home, a proper care is important. Cleaning and maintaining a plantation shutter online or blinds will make it long last.

Cleaning blinds are really challenging with cords and rods, which accumulates more dust within. Moreover, the cleaning process is time-consuming.

Plantation shutters is more convenient to wipe out the dust particles with a cloth. There are no cords and the slats are spacious to vacuum clean with a brush.

Clearly, plantation shutters are an excellent choices for numerous reasons. OZ Plantation Shutters would love to partner you with a skilled window design consultant. We share our professional advice to treat your windows in Sydney to make practical and design preferred plantation shutters.

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