How do OZ Timber Plantation Shutters Add Value to Your Residents?

Are you looking for ways to recreate the look of your residents? Then your ultimate choice is the OZ timber plantation shutters. OZ timber plantation shutters add a unique look as well as a sophisticated design to your residence. These timber plantation shutters complement different themes of traditional, classy as well as contemporary looks. And, also it allows sufficient light and air to your room it also protects from heavy rain, heat, etc. This Timber plantation shutter is great for those people who want to increase their property value. Our OZ Timber Plantation Shutters offers timeless beauty as well as the enduring craftsmanship quality timber product, which is customized, for your needs. 

These timber plantation shutters are reusable, recyclable, and best of all, biodegradable. Timber protects your internal furnishings from UV exposure as well as fading. These timbers are completely safe for your children, asthmatics, and pets. In general, timber is more expensive than plastic options. But, at OZ Plantation Shutters, Timber costs $20/squared meter more than PVC, which is highly affordable.

Choosing OZ Timber Plantation Shutters for your home will be beneficial if you want;

  • Classy look for your home
  • Protection from UV rays
  • Block excess heat & wind
  • Durable & lightweight

At OZ Plantation Shutter, we derive our Timber Plantation Shutters from the finest quality lightweight timber. We have our experienced craftsmanship, combined with the proper equipment as well as the technology in order to produce the best Timber Plantation Shutters for your residence. We will show you the finest timber plantation shutter materials available, the individual products and styles that will fit in with your budget. We will measure your space by considering the lighting position, privacy, durability, etc.

Why do you need to choose us for the timber plantation shutters service?

We have been servicing throughout Australia for over 10 years. We are a proudly Australian-made company. Our whole team is passionate about Shutters – so that we come to you with this passion. We “OZ Plantation Shutter provides the finest product and excellent services to our customers at an affordable price that is the key to our success. Our timber shutters are Polyurethane paint which is completely safe, strong, and environmentally friendly. Our timber plantation shutter has 15 years of warranty.

At OZ Plantation Shutter, we pride ourselves on our ongoing, personalized service. Our main vision is to offer top-quality products at an affordable price. Your windows need to be changed from your ordinary curtains to shutters. Because, your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love the most. A great set of timber plantation shutters can significantly impact the overall design as well as the look & feel of your property. Our OZ Plantation Shutter team is trained well to deliver the best advice, helping you to select the best solution according to your individual needs. To get a free quote contact our experts today!

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