Here are the 5 Major benefits of PVC Plantation Shutter

Originally designed for subtropical environments, plantation shutters are of great use for regulating temperature, sunlight, continuous airflow and provide excellent insulation. With wide slats, the plantation shutters are simple and elegant to fit any interior right from traditional to rustic, contemporary, etc.

While all plantation shutters share common beneficial points, different shutter materials have their own pros and cons. Among different shutter materials, PVC ((Polyvinyl chloride ) seems to be a great option as it is one of the most versatile thermoplastics, popular worldwide for its corrosive resistance, durability, and high-performance properties.

Since we work with customers all over, we’re going to provide you with five major benefits of installing PVC plantation shutters in your home:

1) Protection against sunlight: Most of the plantation materials give protection against sun rays but PVC is specially manufactured to be able to resist UV rays as well as protecting your walls inside & fabric from fading over time. In addition, during winters, PVC shutters can help trap sunlight to keep your home insulated.

2) Cost-Effective: PVC is a very common synthetic material and due to its increased ratio of cost to performance, it is cheaper than other materials. On the whole, PVC is incredibly an affordable material without sacrificing design, style, or performance.

3) Long-Lasting and Durable: PVC is renowned for its resilience and durability, making it the best material for plantation shutters especially outdoor blinds. As it is fire and heat retardant, easy to clean &maintain, even if you’re installing this plantation shutter you don’t have to be concerned about damage.

4) Variety & Availability: If you are choosing PVC to spice up your decor, don’t worry that it is limited to a straightforward or basic white design. Other than the hanging and vertical shutters, but there’s a lot of variety packed designs and colors that come into the category of PVC-made plantation shutters. And in the case of availability, PVC blinds are the industry standard, & therefore it won’t be hard to find a number of options. 

5) Customizable: PVC is such a material that custom manufacturing possibilities. Therefore if you have a window or door opening that is different from standard building sizes, PVC shutters are the best choice of plantation shutter material to create customized shutters. PVC considers of 4 different shutter systems including a bi-fold system, by-pass shutters, shutters that act as an alternative to bathroom or wardrobe doors, and PVC shutters with hinges.


Summing Up:

Plantation shutters are highly desirable because of their stylish and timeless aesthetic. So, if you’ve decided on shutters for your home, choose materials like PVC that will suit your home best, at the same time resemble timber shutters, provide high durability and light-weight characteristics.

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