Everything you need to know when looking for the best plantation shutters in Australia

Everything you need to know when looking for the best plantation shutters in Australia

Plantation shutters are not only beautiful, but they also have other advantages as window furniture. Shutters are an ideal way to manage light, privacy, and airflow, and they may be custom-made to fit a variety of windows and door styles. If you have dust allergies, this is a fantastic option because it is simple to use and clean. The difficulty is that the internet is a maze of information, making it difficult to distinguish between fact and fiction. As one of the leading suppliers of plantation shutters in Australia, we’d like to share some information about shutters. Some of the most frequently asked questions about shutters and our suggestions are included in this blog.

Timber or PVC?

How you want your shutters to look and feel will largely determine your answer to this question. Timber plantation shutters are the best option if a natural, wood look is what you’re going for. Using basswood for your plantation shutters and using your preferred timber stain to give them a polished, stained finish is also a best option. Plantation shutters are best made of basswood because it is non-porous, planes easily for a smooth finish, and is both light and strong despite being relatively thin.

Basswood shutters can also be sprayed with polyurethane paint (like the one used on contemporary kitchen cabinets) if you want a white or cream-painted finish for a durable, scratch-resistant finish. The only true drawback of wood shutters is that they may not last as long as PVC because they are natural products and may wear down more quickly.

PVC is a type of synthetic plastic that is durable, resilient to extreme weather, and practically unbreakable, making it perfect for shutters that are frequently used. Additionally, it is moisture-resistant, making it perfect for use in moist spaces like bathrooms and kitchens. Our PVC shutters come with a 15-year warranty 

Layouts & colors

It can be challenging to determine what you want when there are so many colors and panel configurations to pick from. An in-home consultation is especially useful in this situation. To determine the optimal fit, we provide free assistance and will show you full-size shutter panels in several colors.

For your shutters to look wonderful, we also have a few top interior design tips. It’s always important to keep in mind, for instance, that darker shades on a small sample may appear considerably darker when converted into a full-sized plantation shutter. We evaluate each consultation based on its merits and provide unbiased, factual counsel. Our suggestion is to book a free consultation visit from a member of our welcoming staff to your home today. 


No matter what kind of material you use, all provide some insulation. PVC and aluminum, however, will offer significantly better thermal qualities than wood shutters. Aluminum and PVC are excellent heat-trapping materials that keep interior temperatures steady.


Here, in our opinion, is where we truly shine. There are a few things you can count on from us from beginning to end, including our courteous, professional, and friendly staff for installation. You can rely on our installers to arrive on time and perform the work to a high standard. OZ Plantation Shutters in Australia exclusively deal with suppliers that we directly employ, and they are fully aware of how our shutters operate and the quality that our clients want. You shouldn’t expect anything less with a purchase like shutters.


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