Top reason to choose the best plantation shutters company in Sydney

Plantation shutters offer more flexibility for window treatments in terms of privacy and control, determining the amount of light and heat to enter your room. It becomes ultimate to choose the best plantation shutters company to make a homeowner happy with perfect window treatment. Do you know why? Scroll down to find out reasons:

Best products and services:

A plantation company should be dedicated to provide their customers with cost-effective and long lasting products. The plantation shutters company should work with highly professional workers implementing their end customers’ proposal in treating their windows or doors. 

With decades of experience ‘OZ Plantation Shutters’ in Sydney offers Australian-made plantation shutters delivering the products within two weeks of time. We assure to bring joy to your home with our high quality plantation shutters.

Environmentally friendly and safe products:

A plantation shutter company should know the importance of making their products friendly to the nature. With the consideration of working on a large scale the plantation shutter company minimizing their effects on their environment and community becomes crucial.

Polyurethane paint outside Timber Shutters from ‘OZ Plantation Shutters’ which are Australian-made are safe, strong and eco-friendly to nature.

Works on your convenience:

The goal of a plantation shutters company is to make their customers’ experience as convenient and unique. 

‘OZ Plantation Shutters’ is available to answer any questions and concerns at anytime. Our experienced and trustworthy installers are accessible to measure your windows and doors with a free quotation. We assure to treat your windows and doors within two weeks of time with certain terms and conditions applied.

Additionally, we OZ Plantation Shutters have a blog where you could read everything you need to know about plantation shutters, the ways you can use them to decorate, why to use plantation shutters to treat your windows or doors and even how to clean them out. Don’t miss out on that information!


Comforts customers with entire process:

The plantation shutters company should be able to stand along with their customers throughout the entire process of installation. 

The trustworthy installers from ‘OZ Plantation Shutters’ stand along the customers’ in the entire process of installation to customize their decisions in treating their windows and doors. The choice may be interior or exterior plantation shutters; the final product we design is what you dreamt of to decorate your home.

Experience & warranty:

The years of experience decides the quality of plantation shutters and the way a home is decorated with interior or exterior plantation shutters. 

With 17 years of experience in the industry ‘OZ plantation Shutters’ in Sydney delivers your plantation shutters within 10 working days within Australia with extraordinary customer service and affordable price. We offer plantation shutters which are 100% Australian made with 15 years of warranty.

Concluding note:

Learnt the reasons on why you should choose the best plantation shutters company in Sydney? Why to wait? OZ Plantation Shutters company products include Timber plantation shutters and PVC plantation shutters which are durable and less expensive. Contact us to get a free quote and to customize your dream to decorate your home!

Where to buy perfect Australian made plantation shutters in Sydney?

Plantation shutters looks great with many practical benefits when compared to other window furnishings. While thinking of decorating your homes in Sydney with plantation shutters, the question that arises must be where to buy perfect Australian made plantation shutters with premium quality and value. We are here to offer some suggestions and recommendations to guide you to buy Australian made plantation shutters for your door and window treatments.

As we are in the internet era, you may be so excited to simply search, fill your carts and just hit ‘buy’ button for plantation shutters offered by an online retailer. But, we suggest that it may be a risky way to go on an online shopping to treat your window and door furnishings. Why do we say so?

Plantation shutters require a precise measurement of your windows to make sure that they fit to your windows perfectly and are able to operate properly. Think what happens if you do an online purchase? Purchasing a different size plantation shutters from an online store or any other local chain store can really be a headache if they don’t fit your windows. There may be facilities for you to return or to exchange and to go on for different measurements, but this may be repetitive until you find your perfectly fitting plantation shutters. If you have non-standardized shaped or sized windows on your home, we strongly recommend no to go for online shopping or local chain suppliers as they have products designed only for a standard shape and size.

Fine, then where to buy the perfect plantation shutters designed in Australia? We believe that the companies like ‘OZ Plantation Shutters’ in Sydney offer premium quality, Australian made plantation shutters throughout Australia. Why do we say so? What makes them so special? Being in the plantation shutters industry for over 17 years, ‘OZ Plantation Shutters’ has a team of highly qualified professionals who have decades of experience in installation and fitting the premium Australian made plantation shutters in Sydney. With just a call, our professionals can come to the site to make exact measurements for your windows and doors. After measuring up our team works along with the homeowner to purchase or design your custom orders. We ensure to deliver your products within 10 working days. Once the plantation shutter is designed, experienced and trustworthy installation professionals from ‘OZ Plantation Shutters’ can come back to your home at your convenient time to install the exactly shaped and sized shutters on your window. We also ensure that the shutters work properly as they normally do. This will make you enjoy our work and as much joy we bring to you with our unique and quality work. Well, as we said it is the best course of action which will cause the least amount of hassle. 

Tired of repetitive measuring, installing, returning and exchanging? It is time to get out of frustration! Contact ‘OZ Plantation Shutters’! Our shutter specialists closest to you within Australia will get in touch with you. Schedule an in-home consultation today.

Plantation Shutters or Blinds – Which is better?

Treating your windows or doors with new equips like Plantation shutters or blinds add a fresh life into your home.  Confused between plantation shutters or blinds? Wondering which addition will suit your home better?

OZ Plantation Shutters, weighed on between Plantation shutters and blinds which might help you to take an ideal choice.

  1. Primary difference:

Structure is the prime discrepancy between a shutter and blind. Plantation shutters is solid and is fixed permanently to the sides of the windows with metal fittings.

Blinds are flexible and fixed at the top of a window hung at the top of window pane with cords and slats.

  1. Material & Design varieties:

Plantation shutters are often traditional, materials used in Plantation Shutters includes PVC, timber and so on. Style, color and material varieties are less in plantation shutters.

On the other hand, blinds have many unique tints, shades and textures casting stylish window panes. The flexibility is excellent in blinds as you can choose a color which matches your carpets.

  1. Worthwhile:

Comparatively, blinds are cheaper compared to plantation shutters online. Even if maintained properly, blinds last typically for 5 years. Meaning, you have to replace the blinds every 5 years for a fresher look. Purchasing blinds? Be prepared to spend periodically.

Whereas, a properly maintained plantation shutters can last up to 50 years. Hinting, purchasing a plantation shutters online is value for money over time and adds up value to your home.

  1. Efficient energy saver:

Study reveals that 30% of heat gain and loss in home is achieved through windows. Treating windows with plantation shutters or blinds to insulate your windows will save your energy.

Saving energy is to use the natural resources in efficient way. How can a blind or plantation shutter save energy?

For example, keeping windows opened on a shiny winter day let in light and heat, making your interiors warm. Opening and closing blinds or shutter is based on a homeowner’s preference. Simple opening or closing shutters or blinds at right time saves your energy usage.

A Plantation shutter offers a sealed effect as they cover up the window frame completely. Being hang from the top of the window, fitted either inside or outside angle, blinds leaves a small gap.

  1. Cleaning & Maintenance:

No matter which window furnishing you choose to decor your home, a proper care is important. Cleaning and maintaining a plantation shutter online or blinds will make it long last.

Cleaning blinds are really challenging with cords and rods, which accumulates more dust within. Moreover, the cleaning process is time-consuming.

Plantation shutters is more convenient to wipe out the dust particles with a cloth. There are no cords and the slats are spacious to vacuum clean with a brush.

Clearly, plantation shutters are an excellent choices for numerous reasons. OZ Plantation Shutters would love to partner you with a skilled window design consultant. We share our professional advice to treat your windows in Sydney to make practical and design preferred plantation shutters.

Plantation shutters online – Why are they so popular?

Beautiful homes, every one might have thought about it. Enhancing the beauty of a home relies on the way you design and furnish windows and doors. It may be hard to decide the style or design for windows with many fantastic window furnishing available in the market. In Australia the peak choice for a homeowner remains to be plantation shutters online.

Originating from ancient Greece, plantation shutters online is seeking popularity in the market. Why are they so popular? Let us discuss some of the interesting facts about plantation shutters.

  1. Universal prevalence:

Plantation shutters are globally trendy and can be furnished in any living space of your home including living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. Plantation shutters are attractive and can be painted to different colors for a traditional look. They present an organized and clean look after furnishing. Plantation shutters emerged in the market before decades and it is still enhancing interior beauty of Australian homes. Befitting all types of windows and doors, plantation shutters online has a less chance to fade away from the market.

  1. Longevity:

Plantation shutters online are available in wide range of materials like wood, PVC and so on. They are reliable and long-lasting. Exposure to sun, dust or change in weather conditions don’t cause any wears or tears to shutters. A good quality plantation shutters are of less maintenance and is cost-effective. A classic and trendy appearance with plantation shutters furnished home increases the ambiance and home value.

  1. Airing in & Out:

Plantation shutters are ideal to let the air flow in and out without any rattling. It is of a homeowner’s choice between letting in the cool breeze and keeping out from the hot sun. Plantation shutters online are built to stall the sun during summer without limiting the airflow. During winter, plantation shutters offers an extra layer of insulation. Homes furnished with plantation shutters stay pleasant both during hot and cold weather conditions, than normal curtain or others.

  1. Easy installation & Maintenance:

One of the biggest advantages of plantation shutter online is that the window or door panel can be pre-measured for shutter installation. These shutters can be installed all by you. Once after installation, homeowner can completely control the shutter, once closed you could have a less-noised, low-light, private room and once opened you could let in light, air into the room. When comes to maintenance it is easy to wipe the shutters with a cloth or vacuum clean the shutters with brushes attached.

  1. Safe kids & pets:

A Plantation shutter online accumulates less dust particle comparatively with curtains or any other furnishers, meaning less breathing problems or allergic reactions in kids. No extra handles which prevents choking hazards. Plantation shutters have no cords or strings attached and safer kids and pets.

Elegant home with appropriate choice…

On discussing the reasons for the popularity of plantation shutters online, why don’t you go for plantation shutters online to elevate your home value and elegancy? Looking out to treat your windows & doors in Sydney?  OZ Plantation Shutters, wholesaler and retailer based out in Sydney supplies Plantation Shutters online with premium quality and Australian standards. Connect with us & get best customer support.

How do OZ Timber Plantation Shutters Add Value to Your Residents?

Are you looking for ways to recreate the look of your residents? Then your ultimate choice is the OZ timber plantation shutters. OZ timber plantation shutters add a unique look as well as a sophisticated design to your residence. These timber plantation shutters complement different themes of traditional, classy as well as contemporary looks. And, also it allows sufficient light and air to your room it also protects from heavy rain, heat, etc. This Timber plantation shutter is great for those people who want to increase their property value. Our OZ Timber Plantation Shutters offers timeless beauty as well as the enduring craftsmanship quality timber product, which is customized, for your needs. 

These timber plantation shutters are reusable, recyclable, and best of all, biodegradable. Timber protects your internal furnishings from UV exposure as well as fading. These timbers are completely safe for your children, asthmatics, and pets. In general, timber is more expensive than plastic options. But, at OZ Plantation Shutters, Timber costs $20/squared meter more than PVC, which is highly affordable.

Choosing OZ Timber Plantation Shutters for your home will be beneficial if you want;

  • Classy look for your home
  • Protection from UV rays
  • Block excess heat & wind
  • Durable & lightweight

At OZ Plantation Shutter, we derive our Timber Plantation Shutters from the finest quality lightweight timber. We have our experienced craftsmanship, combined with the proper equipment as well as the technology in order to produce the best Timber Plantation Shutters for your residence. We will show you the finest timber plantation shutter materials available, the individual products and styles that will fit in with your budget. We will measure your space by considering the lighting position, privacy, durability, etc.

Why do you need to choose us for the timber plantation shutters service?

We have been servicing throughout Australia for over 10 years. We are a proudly Australian-made company. Our whole team is passionate about Shutters – so that we come to you with this passion. We “OZ Plantation Shutter provides the finest product and excellent services to our customers at an affordable price that is the key to our success. Our timber shutters are Polyurethane paint which is completely safe, strong, and environmentally friendly. Our timber plantation shutter has 15 years of warranty.

At OZ Plantation Shutter, we pride ourselves on our ongoing, personalized service. Our main vision is to offer top-quality products at an affordable price. Your windows need to be changed from your ordinary curtains to shutters. Because, your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love the most. A great set of timber plantation shutters can significantly impact the overall design as well as the look & feel of your property. Our OZ Plantation Shutter team is trained well to deliver the best advice, helping you to select the best solution according to your individual needs. To get a free quote contact our experts today!

5 Reasons Why You Need to Choose the Plantation Shutter for Your Home?

One of the most important things to note while renovating your home is your window. The window is a must for every house. It provides light, warmth as well as beauty to your home. So, it is important to change the look of your ordinary windows into an elegant plantation shutter. These Plantation Shutters help to improve your property look. At OZ Plantation Shutter, we understand how it’s important to select the perfect window treatment. That’s why we offer a variety of plantation shutters at an affordable rate, to meet your needs.

Here are a few reasons that why should consider installing the plantation shutter in your home:

  1. It fits all types of your windows: – Our OZ Plantation Shutter suits all types of windows. These are customized shutters that fit your windows well. You can put these plantation shutters on your windows in order to get a uniform appearance. This plantation shutter gives your enhanced curb look to your home. 
  2. They let light into your room: – Would you like to live in a place with a fully bright area where your windows are always been opened or a dark room where you’re curtains are closed? That’s why OZ plantation shutters are in horizontal stats so that they admit air and light to your room. You can either allow as much light inside your home for a beautiful look or leave it as completely closed according to your need.
  3. It’s easy to maintain & clean: – While comparing to the cloth curtains, the plantation shutters won’t attract much dust. It is highly beneficial for those who suffer from dust allergies. Our OZ Plantation Shutter is easier to clean because it is foldable and, you can reach all parts of the shutter to clean. 
  4. It helps with climate control: – Our OZ Plantation Shutter helps you to maintain comfort in your home. When they’re closed, they add installation in order to keep out the chilly drafts in the winter. The closed plantation shutter blocks the UV rays in the summer so that your home stays cooler.
  5. Our OZ Plantation Shutters are been designed to fit snugly into the window openings, the light as well as air won’t seep around the corner of your room as happens with your old cloth curtains.
  6. Add Beauty to your home: – All these benefits of our OZ plantation shutter are enticing, but the important thing to note is, it adds a classic look as well as beauty to your home. Whether the shutters are opened or closed, our OZ plantation shutters add a touch of luxury look to your home.

If you are looking to install the plantation shutter in your home. Then don’t forget to call our OZ Plantation Shutter design consultation specialists. Our mission is to offer top-notch products as well as services at affordable prices. Our shutters are very strong, safe as well as environmentally friendly. Want to know more about our plantation shutter and its unique features then contact us today!

All You Need To Know About Commercial Roller Shutters in Sydney

Looking for the most attractive, reliable way to lock up the windows in your personal space? Roller shutters are the ideal solution. Without exception, they are strong, user-friendly, and are available in different styles and designs. From providing high-level comfort to noise proof, heat and cold resistance, & an increased sense of security, availability of design options that suit the style of your home, roller shutters are always the best.

More than just insulation and valuable energy cost savings, the additional layer of protection make sure you have complete privacy whenever you want it. Here’s everything you need to know about roller shutters available in Sydney:

1) Coiling door: A roller shutter or a coiling door is a type of window cover that has a lot of horizontal bars or slats hinged together. Raising the bars opens the shutters & lowering it closes it. This action can be either motorized or physical. In the case of motorized roller shutters, a press a button would be available to open or close it.

2) Color: From natural white to black, grey, dune, blue, grey, you get to purchase roller shutters with different to match your Sydney home property.

3) Storm & Hail Protection: Good quality roller shutters can protect your glass windows from extreme weather conditions, hail storms and also protect the window glass breaking.

4) Energy Savings: The materials used in roller shutters provide complete protection and help keep the heat out in summers and retain the warmth during winters, thus saving up to 40% on your energy bills.

5) Built-on and Built-in Shutter: Roller shutters are usually put on inside the windows or doors. If the shutter is built on, then the roller shutter box is placed outside the house and in case the shutter is built-in the box is placed inside your house.

6) Types of Roller Shutters: Some of the different types of roller shutters are:

  • Insulated roller shutters: Best for energy conservation & protection against the weather
  • Security roller shutters:  Offer wall to wall protection, fully capable of deterring burglaries,  and can be electronically fitted 
  • Fire-rated roller shutters: Combine fire integrity and heat protection
  • Commercial roller shutters: Suited to warehouses, shop fronts, and general-purpose properties
  • Industrial roller shutters:  Ensure a high level of security and protection 


7) Long Lasting: As shutters are made from durable materials like aluminum, PVC or steel, roller shutters are long-lasting and will be able to withstand the weather without warping.

8) Easy Maintenance: With roller shutters, you can easily wipe and clean the shutter blinds with a damp cloth.

9) Add value to your home: Along with adding style to your house, roller shutters add value to your home. So, even if you decide to sell your house, this addition can give your home an edge in the property market.


The range of roller shutters available on market now for windows & doors includes a variety of colors and operating styles. But, to enjoy the benefits of roller shutters, the shutters must be of premium quality and should be installed professionally. 

Looking for a plantation shutter manufacturer in Sydney? Being perfect in providing comfort and safety, OZ Plantation Shutters realize the genuine need of our customers and provide good-looking and high-quality commercial roller shutters in Sydney to both households and businesses.

Here are the 5 Major benefits of PVC Plantation Shutter

Originally designed for subtropical environments, plantation shutters are of great use for regulating temperature, sunlight, continuous airflow and provide excellent insulation. With wide slats, the plantation shutters are simple and elegant to fit any interior right from traditional to rustic, contemporary, etc.

While all plantation shutters share common beneficial points, different shutter materials have their own pros and cons. Among different shutter materials, PVC ((Polyvinyl chloride ) seems to be a great option as it is one of the most versatile thermoplastics, popular worldwide for its corrosive resistance, durability, and high-performance properties.

Since we work with customers all over, we’re going to provide you with five major benefits of installing PVC plantation shutters in your home:

1) Protection against sunlight: Most of the plantation materials give protection against sun rays but PVC is specially manufactured to be able to resist UV rays as well as protecting your walls inside & fabric from fading over time. In addition, during winters, PVC shutters can help trap sunlight to keep your home insulated.

2) Cost-Effective: PVC is a very common synthetic material and due to its increased ratio of cost to performance, it is cheaper than other materials. On the whole, PVC is incredibly an affordable material without sacrificing design, style, or performance.

3) Long-Lasting and Durable: PVC is renowned for its resilience and durability, making it the best material for plantation shutters especially outdoor blinds. As it is fire and heat retardant, easy to clean &maintain, even if you’re installing this plantation shutter you don’t have to be concerned about damage.

4) Variety & Availability: If you are choosing PVC to spice up your decor, don’t worry that it is limited to a straightforward or basic white design. Other than the hanging and vertical shutters, but there’s a lot of variety packed designs and colors that come into the category of PVC-made plantation shutters. And in the case of availability, PVC blinds are the industry standard, & therefore it won’t be hard to find a number of options. 

5) Customizable: PVC is such a material that custom manufacturing possibilities. Therefore if you have a window or door opening that is different from standard building sizes, PVC shutters are the best choice of plantation shutter material to create customized shutters. PVC considers of 4 different shutter systems including a bi-fold system, by-pass shutters, shutters that act as an alternative to bathroom or wardrobe doors, and PVC shutters with hinges.


Summing Up:

Plantation shutters are highly desirable because of their stylish and timeless aesthetic. So, if you’ve decided on shutters for your home, choose materials like PVC that will suit your home best, at the same time resemble timber shutters, provide high durability and light-weight characteristics.

Looking for high-quality PVC plantation shutters in Sydney? At OZ Plantation Shutters we provide premium quality Australian-made PVC shutters at affordable prices. Our team of professionals can help you pair the right types of customized plantation shutters crafted with excellence and high durability for your home’s needs.

Why White Plantation Shutters Is The Best Choice for Home Decor

As a homeowner, you want to be sure your home provides a good first impression. In an ideal world, our home would reflect our lifestyle and embrace our values. When we see our house as a home, we concentrate on what makes us happy. It encourages us to make decisions to meet our needs and expresses our personality.

Plantation shutters can assist in the creation of a true area that reflects us. The goal is to choose the proper layout and colour to complement your home’s decor.

Among all the colours available, white shutters are the most popular choice among customers who are renovating their homes. This is for a variety of reasons. Let’s look at why white plantation shutters are such a practical and appealing addition to your home.

Fit Every Style

White interior shutters of superior quality are built to last. Because of this, white is the best shutter colour. White plantation shutters will always complement whatever new interior décor you choose. Plantation Shutters in white blend in with the majority of window frames and sills. Everything matches with these and nothing go against them.

Give A Lighter Feel

The primary goal of every room decorating project is to make it as large and spacious as achievable. Interior shutters, in contrast to curtains, usually flush with the window, allowing you to avoid the cluttering appearance. Furthermore, if you choose white shutters, you can have them painted match the aesthetic.

Colour is a captivating décor element that can create a convincing illusion of making small spaces appear larger and more inviting. White louvres reflect more light to enter the space and make any room appear larger.

Create A Clean Look

White plantation shutters can transform any room into a smart-looking environment with some proper planning. These window treatments are well-known for being elegant and appealing to your eyes. In general, plantation shutters are simple to care for. And you’ll be happy to know that white shutters look even better.

Offer Better Light Control

Interior Shutters are often regarded as one of the most effective window treatments for managing light in a room. You can bring as much light into the space as possible or direct the light away by opening and closing the louvres. It all depends on what you require at the time.

When the white louvres are angled downwards, sunlight is directed into the room rather than towards the ceiling, bringing light into space. Because the louvres are not tightly pressed against each other in this configuration. Hence they do not block off the light.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the reasons why white plantation shutters have typically been the most popular window treatment. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for White Interior Shutters for your windows. We specialise in bespoke White Plantation Shutters all around Sydney. Contact us now!

Are Plantation Shutters Easy to Clean?

Plantation shutters are a beautiful addition to your home that has also been growing in popularity over the past decade. They are elegant, beautiful, and blend into a wide range of interior design idioms that can give you a formal or casual design style for your home. Most plantation shutters are ideal for privacy (and security) and to control natural light.

Every few weeks to a month, it’s important to clean or dust your plantation shutters. The wide-painted louver surfaces of shutters make cleaning very easy. Even a light dusting once in a while can prevent any buildup of grime that requires wet cleaning, but even that can be accomplished very quickly.

Shutters seem to be the easiest of all window dressings to clean. If you’d like to know how to keep your shutters brand new for long-term, then, read the top shutter cleaning ways that we have listed below:

Top Ways to Clean Plantation Shutter

1) Regular dusting: Regularly dust each shutter slat with a dusting cloth, micro-fiber cloths, extendable feather duster, etc. At the time of dusting, open each slat dust on that side and then do the same on the opposite side.

2) Use a vacuum cleaner or brush: Remove all the dust and dirt from the bottom track of your shutter by using a vacuum cleaner or an attached brush weekly or at least monthly.

3) Wash with liquid: On both sides, rinse the shutter with running water. Rinse each side of the shutter and then use premium quality, salt-free diluted car-wash liquid mixed. Later clean the shutters using a soft cotton cloth.

4) White vinegar: White vinegar works really well to wipe any stain off the plantation shutter.

5) Clean Socks: Another easy way is to wipe down the dust with a clean sock. This is an effective cleaning hack that helps clean your shutter blinds really fast.

6) Toothbrush: For small details, you can even use a toothbrush to remove dust from hard-to-reach spaces.

7) Warm water: After a gentle wipe on both sides with a dry cloth, dampen a cloth with warm water and wipe gently all over the surface.

Never spray water directly to the shutters and be careful with the cleaning solution that you are using because some can potentially damage the shutters.

8) Paint over Stubborn Stains: If you find stains on your window shutters that don’t seem to come off even when you scrub them with chemical cleaners, then consider painting over these stubborn stains to make them look nice and clean.


Once you have your beautiful new plantation shutters fitted at your house, you’ll want to make sure that they stay in tip-top condition for a long-time. Caring for shutters may help extend the lifespan of these treatments. The more often you clean your plantation shutters, the less chance dirt and grime will build up. This will let you enjoy your shutters for many years to come.

Are you looking for plantation shutters in Sydney, Australia? OZ Plantation Shutters provides premium plantation shutters with excellent quality, attractive prices, and good service. We are a well-organized, experienced, and professional manufacturer of Timber and PVC plantation shutters, providing both wholesale and retail supplies.